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This website would not have been possible without the valuable support of the people mentioned below. They find here the expression of my gratitude.

- Guglielmetti Rafael, passionate about web development and old mathematics student at EPFL (Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne) in Switzerland, for the development and improvement of the forum PHP code.

- Harmel Léon (†2012), graduate electrical engineer with a specialization in electronics and automaticity, responsible in the physical research laboratory at ACEC in Charleroi, for the provision of documentation that was used in the chapters of quantum particle, wave, physics, quantum field and spinor calculus and general relativity.

- Ricchiuto Ruben, engineer degree in physics HES (B.Sc.) from the Engineering School of Geneva (CH) and mathematician from the University of Geneva (CH) for his valuable help and availability in plasma physics, electromagnetism, quantum physics, statistics, topology, quantum chemistry, fractals theory, analysis and many other areas affecting pure mathematics and computing.

- Regulars participants to Les Mathematiques.net and Futura-Sciences.com forum, for their valuable assistance in many areas of mathematics and physics. The debates and discussions that took place on the forums helps to constantly improve the educational aspect of this site.

- The Wikipedia and PlanetMath websites to whom I am indebted to many borrow almost word by word (and this is mutual...).

And thank you to all visitors, webmasters and teachers for their websites and anonymous quality documents available for free and anonymously on the Internet and regular forum stakeholder. I sometimes verbatim recovered their explanations that do not require additions or corrections.

It's probably needless to say that you should not assume that these people are in total agreement with the scientific purposese views expressed on this website; and are not responsible for any errors or obscurities that you might accidentally find it.

Finally, I would like to thank a few colleagues and clients who were willing to give me their comments to improve the content of this website. However, it is certain that he can still be improved on many points.


Since this work is a reference, we have opted to exclude any reference in the text. So we simply gathered a final bibliography list according to a ranking of use and unassuming it's completeness.

The books and documents listed below are what I consider as the best references (thus excluding the free PDF's) which have been consulted for the preparation of this website and who is indebted to many high quality borrows. Their reading can be as profitable for all who wish to improve, deepen and broaden their knowledge.

Numerous references, however, are no longer available on the market and it is also necessary that the reader remembers that each entry in the table by itself refers to dozens of other books, it is also impossible to have an exhaustive and objective list (that would be a vicious cycle) of all high-quality books existing in the areas covered by Sciences.ch.

And the global list:

Quality Quality content
Proofs Content with developments and demonstrations
Magazine Magazine or newspaper
Sympa Friendly book of popular science
Favorite Personal favorite
Discussions Scientific debates and discussions



Encyclopédie Larousse Méthodique II, Legal Deposit 1965-3e N°3177
ISBN-10: -
[002]QualityProofs Sympa Favorite Physique Générale, Alonso/Finn, Éditions InterÉditions U
volume I: 2729601376 (538 pages) - Printed in 1997
ISBN-10 volume II: 2729601368 (678 pages) - Printed in 1997
[003]QualityProofs La relativité générale, M. Ludvigsen, Éditions Dunod
ISBN-10: 210004896 (241 pages) - Printed in 2005
[004]QualitySympa Physique, Section Génie Nucléaire, J.-M. Thiébaud, EIG Printing Service
ISBN-10: -
[005]QualitySympa Physique nucléaire, P. Triscone, EIG Printing Service
ISBN-10: -
[006]Proofs Plasma diagnostics, O. Auciello + D.L. Flamm, Éditions Academic Press
ISBN-10: 0120676354 (456 pages) - Printed in 1989
[007]QualityProofs Physique quantique, J. Laplace, EIG Printing Service
ISBN-10: -
[008]QualityProofs Optique géométrique, J. Laplace, EIG Printing Service
ISBN-10: -
[009]QualityProofs Élasticité et mécanique des fluides, J. Laplace, EIG Printing Service
ISBN-10: -
[010]Quality C.R.M., Commission Romande de Mathématique, Physique et Chimie, Éditions du Tricorne 
: 2829300607 (282 pages) - Printed in 2000
[011] Proofs Physique des plasmas, J.-L. Delcroix + A. Bers, InterÉditions
ISBN-10: 2868833691 (499 pages) - Printed in 1994
[012]QualityProofs Sympa Électricité et Magnétisme, Resnick/Halliday, Éditions ERPI
: 2761300196 (299 pages) - Printed in 2003
[013]QualityMagazine Sympa Favorite La nature et le principe de moindre action, Les cahiers de Science&Vie N°68 (Magazine), Avril 2002
[014]QualityProofs   Probabilités et statistiques, J. Istas, Éditions Dunod
ISBN-10: 2729879889 (166 pages) - Printed in 2000
[015]QualityProofs Favorite Calcul différentiel et intégral, N. Piskunov, Édition Mir (Moscou)
ISBN-10: 2729893407 (511 pages) - Printed in 1972
[016]QualityProofs Favorite Thermodynamique et énergétique, L. Borel, Éditions Presses polytechniques et universitaires romandes
ISBN-10: 2880742145 (814 pages) - Printed in 2005
[017] Sympa Calculs commerciaux et bancaires, J.-Ch. Corbaz + D. Goetschi, Collection C.C.L
[018] Théorie Financière, R. Cobbaut, Éditions Economica
ISBN-10: 2717834427 (560 pages)
[019] Leçons d'algèbre, Ch. Briot, Éditions Paris
ISBN-10: - (314 pages) - Printed in 1874
[020]QualityMagazine Sympa Favorite

Newton, Les cahiers de Science&Vie N°13 (Magazine), Février 1993

[021]QualityProofs Favorite Algèbre linéaire, R. Cairoli, Éditions Presses polytechniques et universitaires romandes
ISBN-10: 2880741874 (325 pages) - Printed in 1993
[022]QualityProofs Favorite Le calcul tensoriel en physique, J. Hladik + P.-E. Hladik, Éditions Dunod
ISBN-10: 2100040715 (172 pages) - Printed in 1993
[023] Sympa Acoustique et électroacoustique, cours de A. Pitter, EIG Printing Service
ISBN-10: -
[024]Quality Formulaire Technique Gieck, K. + R. Gieck
ISBN-10:  3920379187 (656 pages) - Printed in 1997
[025]QualityProofs Favorite Introduction à la logique (théorie de la démonstration), R. David + K. Nour + C. Raffalli, Éditions Dunod
ISBN-10: 2100048929 (352 pages) - Printed in 2004
[026]Quality Introducing special relativity, W.S.C Williams, Éditions Taylor&Francis,
ISBN-10: 0415277620 (249 pages) - Printed in 2002
[027]Quality Sympa Favorite Les Trous Noirs, M. Froissart, Éditions Taylor&Francis
[028]QualityProofs Sympa Favorite Physique Générale, F. Rothen, Éditions Presses polytechniques et universitaires romandes
ISBN-10: 2880743966 (862 pages) - Printed in 1999
[029]QualityProofs Favorite Cours de mécanique quantique, Y. Ayant + E. Belorizky, Éditions Dunod
ISBN-10: 2100047426 (339 pages) - Printed in 2000
[030] Proofs Introduction to Bessel function, F. Bowman, Éditions Dover publications
ISBN-10: 486604624 (134 pages) - Printed in 1958
[031]QualitySympa Favorite Physique, E. Hecht, Éditions DeBoeck-Université
ISBN-10: 2744500186 (1328 pages) - Printed in 1999
[032]QualityProofs Introduction à la théorie des Nombres, Éditions Modulo, J.-M. De Koninck + A. Mercier
ISBN-10: 2891135008 (254 pages) - Printed in 1954
[033]QualityProofs Favorite Calcul différentiel et intégral, J. Douchet + B. Zwahlen, Éditions Presses polytechniques et romandes
ISBN-10 volume I: 2880741963 (241 pages) - Printed in 2007
ISBN-10 volume II: 2880742579 (167 pages) - Printed in 2007
[034] Proofs Introduction à la théorie des ensembles, P.R. Halmos, Éditions Jacques Gabay
ISBN-10: 876471264 (127 pages) - RéPrinted in 1997
[035]Magazine Sympa L'art du secret, Dossiers pour la Science (Magazine)
[036]QualityProofs Favorite Physique statistique, B. Diu + C. Guthmann + D. Lederer + B. Roulet Éditions Hermann
ISBN-10: 2705660658 (1001 pages) - Printed in 1989


Standard Mathematical Tables and Formulas, D. Zwillinger, Éditions CRC Press
ISBN: 084932479 (812 pages)


Compléments de Mathématiques, A. Angot, Éditions Masson
ISBN-10: - (869 pages)

[039]QualityProofs Favorite

Éléments de théorie des quanta et de mécanique ondulatoire, Louis de Broglie, Éditions Gauthier-Villars
ISBN-10: - (302 pages) - RéPrinted in 1953

[040]QualityProofs Favorite

Physique atomique, E. Chpolski, Éditions Mir
ISBN-10: - (Tome 1: 540 pages + Tome 2: 413 pages) - Printed in 1977

[041]QualityProofs Favorite

Physique atomique, B. Cagnac + J.-C. Pebay-Peyroula, Éditions Dunod
ISBN-10: 2040004246 (295 pages) - Printed in 2005


Exercices de physique, Le Morvan, Éditions Vuibert
ISBN-10: - (251 pages) - Printed in 1973


Mécanique analytique, A. Charlier + A. Bérard + M.-F. Charlier, Éditions Ellipses
ISBN-10: 272988940 (237 pages)- Printed in 1989

[044] Quantum Mechanics, F. Mandl, Éditions John Wiley & Sons
ISBN-10: 0471931551 (301 pages) - Printed in 1992
[045]Sympa Physik für Hochschulanänger, H. Wegener, Éditions B.G. Teubner Suttgart
ISBN-10: 351913053 (498 pages)
[046]QualitySympa Favorite Toute la physique, H. Stöcker + F. Jundt + G. Guillaume, Éditions Dunod
ISBN-10: 2100039423 (1180 pages) - Printed in 2007
[047]Proofs Mécanique des milieux continus, G. Duvaut, Éditions Dunod
ISBN-10: 2100039326 (292 pages) - Printed in 1998
[048] Discussions Favorite   Matière à pensée, J.-P. Changeux + A. Connes, Édition Odible Jacob
ISBN-10: 2738108156 (266 pages) - Printed in 1989
[049] Discussions Favorite L'Univers élégant, B. Green, Éditions Robbert Laffont
ISBN-10: 2221090659 (656 pages) - Printed in 2005
[050] Discussions Favorite L'infini dans la paume de la main, M. Ricard + T.X. Thuan, Édition NiL
ISBN-10: 2841111741 (399 pages) - Printed in 2002
[051] Discussions Favorite Le chaos et l'harmonie, T.X. Thuan, Éditions France Loisirs
ISBN-10: 2744120448 (478 pages) - Printed in 1998
[052] Discussions Favorite La plus belle histoire du monde, H. Reeves + J. de Rosnay + Y. Coppens + D. Simonnet, Éditions France Loisirs
ISBN-10: 2744104248 (186 pages) - Printed in 2001
[053] QualitySympa Favorite Algèbre, E. W. Swokowski + J. A. Cole
ISBN-10: 2606006755 (600 pages) - Printed in 1999

The mathematics of financial derivates, P. Wilmott + S. Howison, Éditions Cambridge
ISBN-10: 0521497892 (317 pages) - Printed in 1997

[055] Proofs 

Théorie des graphes, O. Cogis + C. Robert, Éditions Vuibert
ISBN 2711753212

[056] Quality Proofs Favorite Les spineurs en physique, J. Hladik, Éditions Masson
ISBN-10: 2225853134 (190 pages) - Printed in 1996
[057] Quality Proofs Favorite Quantum Field Theory, A. Lahiri + P. B. Pal, Éditions CRC Press
ISBN 0849309778
[058] Quality Favorite Chimie Générale, G. Gesier + G. Delpin, Éditions du Tricorne
ISBN-10: - (315 pages) - Printed in 1993
[059] Quality Proofs Favorite Chimie Générale, R. Didier, Éditions Lavoisier
ISBN-10: 274300181 (1071 pages) - Printed in 2004
[060] Quality Proofs Théorie de la spéculation, L. Bachelier, Éditions Jacques Gabay
ISBN-10: 2876471299 (148 pages) - RéPrinted in 1995
[061] Quality Sympa Initiation à la théorie des jeux, J.-L. Boursin, Éditions Montchrestien
ISBN-10: 227511069 (188 pages) - Printed in 1998
[062] La maintenance (mathématiques et méthodes), P. Lyonnet, Éditions TEC&DOC
ISBN-10: 2743004193 (393 pages) - Printed in 2000
[063] Gestion de la production, V. Giard, Éditions Economica (2ème édition)
ISBN-10: 2717815279 (1068 pages) - Printed in 1988
[064] Proofs Méthodes numériques, Arrigo + Marchino + Wilhem
Service d'impression EIG
ISBN-10: -
[065] ProofsQualityFavorite A first course in String Theory, B. Zwiebach, Éditions Cambridge Press
ISBN-10: 052183143 (558 pages) - Printed in 2004
[066] QualitySympa Favorite Mathématiques financières & Actuarielles, J.-P. Favre, Éditions Digilex
ISBN-10: 297001081X (269 pages) - Printed in 2004
[067] QualitySympa   Statistiques descriptives pour les gestionnaires, V. Giard, Éditions Economica
ISBN-10: 2717828893 (111 pages) - Printed in 1995
[068] Proofs Quality    Cours de calcul tensoriel appliqué, M. Denis-Papin + A. Kaufmann, Éditions Albin Michel
ASIN: B0000DSGRM (388 pages) - Printed in 1961
[069] Sympa La modélisation du risque et les simulations de Monte-Carlo, H. Thiriez, Éditions Economica
ISBN-10: 2717848223 (221 pages) - Printed in 2003
[070] ProofsQualityFavorite Dynamics of the Atmosphere (A course in Theoretical Meterology)
W. Zdunkowski + A. Bott, Éditions Cambridge
ISBN-10: 052100666X (738 pages)- Printed in 2003
[071] ProofsQualityFavorite Cosmologie, E. Elbaz, Éditions Ellipses
ISBN-10: 2729892117 (268 pages) - Printed in 1998
[072] ProofsQualityFavorite Analyse I, Analyse II, Analyse III, L. Schwartz, Édition Hermann
ISBN-10: 2705661611 (1291 pages) - Printed in 1997
[073] QualityFavorite Comprendre (enfin) les nouveaux instruments financiers, P. Novellos
ISBN-10: - (55 pages) - Printed in 1998
[074] ProofsQualitySympa Favorite Promenades mathématiques, histoire fondements, applications, F. Laroche, Éditions Ellipses
ISBN-10: 2729814175 (448 pages) - Printed in 2003
[075] QualitySympa Favorite Explosion démographique, A. Jacquard, Éditions Dominos
ISBN-10: 208035163 (127 pages) - Printed in 2006
[076] Proofs Quality IFS et L-Systèmes, V. Rezzonico, C. Hebeisen sous la responsabilité du Prof. Buser, spring 2000-2001, EPFL
ISBN-10: -
[077] Proofs QualityFavorite Six Sigma Statistics, Issa Bass, Éditions McGraw Hill
ISBN-10: 0071496467 (374 pages) - Printed in 2007
[078] Proofs QualityFavorite

Finance des marchés, Techniques quantitatives et applications pratiques
S. Bossu, P. Henrotte, Éditions Dunod
ISBN-13: 9782100518128 (274 pages) - Printed in 2008

[079] QualityFavorite Pratiquer les plans d'expérience, J. Goupy, Éditions Dunod
ISBN-10: 2100042173 (551 pages) - Printed in 2005
[080] ProofsQualityFavorite L'analyse au fil de l'histoire, E. Hairer, G. Wanner, Éditions Scopos
ISBN-10: 3540674632 (371 pages) - Printed in 2001
[081] ProofsQuality Physique des semiconducteurs et des composants électriques, H. Mathieu, Éditions Dunod
ISBN-10: 2100486330 (826 pages) - Printed in 2004
[082] QualitySympa Favorite Six Sigma et Minitab, ARIAQ, QSB Consulting, Éditions Quentin Brook
ISBN-13: 9780954681340 (250 pages) - Printed in 2008
[083] Proofs Recherche opérationnelle et management des entreprise, D. Thiel, Éditions Economica
ISBN-10: 2717819304 (190 pages) - Printed in 1990
[084] QualityProofs Favorite Contrôle de la qualité (MSP, Analyse des performances, Contrôle de réception), L. Jaupi, Éditions Dunod
ISBN-10: 2100042645 (282 pages) - Printed in 2002
[085] Quality Favorite Histoire de la science, M. Daumas, Éditions les Pléiades
ASIN: B0046Y2G3A (1905 pages) - Printed in 1957
[086] QualityProofs Favorite

Analyse, Concepts et Contextes Volume 1. Fonctions d'une variable
J. Stewart, Éditions DeBoeck - 3ème édition
ISBN-10: 2804150305 (750 pages) - Printed in 2006

[087] QualityProofs Favorite Guide de localisation des astres, C. Gentili, Éditions EDP Sciences, 1ère édition
ISBN-13: 9782759800599 (286 pages) - Printed in 2008
[088] QualityProofs Favorite Chimie quantique, T. Tung Nguyen-Dang, Département de chimie (FSG), Université Laval, Québec, A-2005
PDF (157 pages) - 2005
[089] Pratique industrielle des plans d'expérience, Éditions AFNOR, J. Alexis + P. Alexis,
ISBN-10: 2124650386 (276 pages) - Printed in 1999
[090] Favorite A simple approach to clustering in Microsoft Excel 2007, International Journal of Computer Applications (0975-887), Volume 11 - N°7, December 2010, H. Aravind + C. Rajgopal + K.P. Soman (7 pages)
[091] Sympa Qualité Coup de coeur Débats Quantum: Einstein, Bohr, and the Great Debate about the Nature of Reality, Publisher W. W. Norton & Company, M. Kumar
ISBN-10: 0393339882 (448 pages) - Printed in 2011
[092] Qualité Coup de coeur Débats Le grand roman de la physique quantique, Publisher JC Lattès, M. Kumar
ISBN-10: 2709624656 (530 pages) - Printed in 2011
[093] Qualité Coup de coeur Proofs Statics and dynamics (12th Edition), Publisher Pearson Education, R. C. Hibbeler
ISBN-10: 0-13-814929-1 (1403 pages) - Printed in 2010
[094] Qualité Coup de coeur Proofs Physics (9th Edition), Publisher John Wiley & Sons, Inc, John D. Cutnell + Kenneth W. Johnson
ISBN-13: 9780470879528 (1086 pages) - Printed in 2012
[095] Qualité Coup de coeur Proofs Quantum Mechanics: Classical Results, Modern Systems, and
Visualized Examples
(2nd Edition), Publisher Oxford University Press, Richard W. Robinett
ISBN-10: 0198530978 (722 pages) - Printed in 2006
[096] Qualité Coup de coeur Proofs Quantum Mechanics with Basic Field Theory, Publisher Cambridge University Press, Bipin R. Desai
ISBN-13: 978051691348 (860 pages) - Printed in 2009
[097] Qualité Coup de coeur Proofs Queueing Modelling Fundamentals (2nd Edition), Publisher John Wiley & Sons, Ng Chee-Hock + Soong Boon-Hee,
ISBN-13: 9780470519578 (294 pages) - Printed in 2008
[098] Qualité Coup de coeur Proofs Mastering Financial Modelling in Microsoft Excel, Publisher Prentice Hall, Alastair L. Day
ISBN-13: 9780273643104 (370 pages) - Printed in 2001
[099] Qualité Coup de coeur Financial Risk Manager Handbook, Publisher GARP, Philippe Jorion
ISBN-13: 9780471217633 (749 pages) - Printed in 2009
[100] Qualité Coup de coeur Statistical Quality Control (6th edition), Publisher John Wiley & Sons, Douglas C. Montgomery
ISBN-13: 9780470169926 (692 pages) - Printed in 2009
[101]Qualité Coup de coeur Proofs Orbital Mechanics for Engineering Students, Elsevier Editions, Howard Curtis
ISBN-10: 0750661690 (692 pages) - Prinet in 2005
[102]Qualité Coup de coeur Proofs Introduction to Food Engineering, Éditions Elsevier, R. Paul Singh + Dennis R. Heldman
ISBN-10: 0123985307 (892 pages) - Imprimé en 2013
[103]Qualité Coup de coeur Proofs Notions de Mécanique des fludies, Centre de Publication Universitaire, Riadh Ben Hamouda
ISBN13: 9789973374943 (135 pages) - Printed in 2008


We recommend for children and adults (teachers) the follwing documentaries and movies in relation to mathematics and physics that seem interesting and sometimes sympathetic.

- Tous sur orbite! (2004/2 DVD's), Nicolas Gessner, Montparnasse

- Will Hunting (1997), with Robin Willams and Matt Damon a movie from Gus Van Sant, TF1

- Once Upon a Time... The Discoverers (1994/6 DVD's), Albert Barillé, Sony Music

- A beautiful mind (2001), with Russell Crow a movie from Ron Howard, Universal Pictures

- I.Q. (1994), with Tim Robbins and Meg Ryan, Paramount Pictures


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